5 Best ‘Outer Limits’ Episodes

The 5 best "Outer Limits" episodes were chosen out of the 49 episodes that aired from 1963 to 1965. Each episode began with a narration by someone called the Control Voice which played over visuals of an oscilloscope. Also each of the stories sometimes ended with a plot twist. Below are the best "Outer Limits" episodes.

  1. The Man Who Was Never Born: A timeless time travel story, "The Man who was Never Born" is one of the best "Outer Limits" episodes. As an astronaut time warps two hundred years into the future, he meets a mutant and find's out that Earth's population has been destroyed by a plague. He travels back in time to kill the maker of the plague but finds out that the maker has not been born yet.
  2. Demon With a Glass Hand: As a man with a robotic hand, "Demon with a Glass Hand" is considered one of the best "Outer Limits" episodes. Living with a robotic hand missing three fingers, the man finds out from an alien where the fingers are hidden and that he is from the future. After collecting the three missing fingers, he discovers that the people from Earth were turned into electronic impulses and put into a thin piece of wire which is inside him. Unfortunately, he will have to wait 1200 years before the humans can be brought back to life.
  3. It Crawled Out of the Woodwork: As the scariest of the shows episodes, "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork" is one of the best "Outer Limits" episodes. A scientist is killed by a strange energy creature. Revived and brought back to life with a pacemaker, the scientist dies again when the pacemaker short circuits in the bathtub. The scientists brother tries to capture the energy creature by putting it into a holding cage.
  4. The Borderland: As an episode that deals with reaching out to the dead, "The Borderland" is one of the best "Outer Limits" episodes. A man funds a scientist to find a way to reach the dead. The scientist agrees to contact the man's dead son on the other side. A psychic interrupts the power supply and the man desperate to contact his son falls into inter-dimensional chamber and disappears.
  5. Corpus Earthling: An episode dealing with telepathy makes "Corpus Earthling" one of the best "Outer Limits" episodes. After banging his head, which happens to have a metal plate in it, a doctor is able to hear rocks talking. While on a vacation in Mexico, the doctor's wife is turned into a rock controlled zombie.
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