5 Best Over The Counter Diet Pills

\Now you can stop wasting your time and money on products that are not effective, here are the five best diet pills on the market today.  With so many options out there we make it easy to decide which diet pill is right for you.

1. Apidexin– A great diet pill that contains eight of the best weight loss ingredients such asRazberi-K which can help your body reduce fat. It also regulates blood sugar and increase metabolic rates.  When using Apidexin you will be able to see results in a few weeks.  Apidexin is vegetarian based.  This is a must for those who do not want a product that contains animal products.   

2. Unique Hoodia–   It is made from the Hoodia Gordonii plant. It is not an extract; it is the pure powder from the plant.  The love of food is one reason why so many of us are overweight.  Unique Hoodia suppresses your appetite so you feel fuller faster.  Unique Hoodia is completely natural and pure.

3. ProShape Rx– Is a natural over the counter herbal supplement that allows you to lose weight quickly.  The ingredients in this diet pill is very beneficial health wise.  The ingredient Chitosan stops your body from absorbing cholesterol and beet root supports the liver.  ProShape Rx also includes Hoodia Gordonii which suppresses the appetite.  This product is very safe and effective.

4. Leptovox– Contain ten super foods as well as green tea extract and antioxidants.  This diet pill is effective as a fat burner and it increases energy.  Another great thing about this product is that it improves the look of your skin, making you look younger and healthier. Leptovox is over the counter and is 100% natural. There are no known side effects. 

5. Alli– Is FDA approved and was only available by prescription but is now an over the counter diet pill.  The ingredient orlistat helps to prevent your body from absorbing fat.  Alli is a very effective diet pill and it allows you to lose weight quickly.  Alli however have many side effects such as gas, stomach cramps and diarrhea. 

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