5 Best Over The Hill Birthday Cake Ideas

If a milestone birthday is on the horizon, these five best “over the hill” birthday cake ideas may be just the thing. The phrase “over the hill” usually applies to a person who is turning 40 or 50 years of age. If you are planning an “over the hill” birthday party for a friend or family member, let these five cake ideas provide the inspiration.

  1. “Over The Hill” Cake. The guest of honor’s birthday cake can actually be the hill. To create this cake, bake two or three round cakes. Layer the cakes with icing, and shave the sides to form a mound. To make the cake mound look like a hill, frost the cake with green icing. For grass, use coconut shavings colored with green food coloring. With a different color of icing, pipe “Over the Hill” on one side of the cake and “Happy Birthday” on the other. Then, decorate the hill with candies or miniature cardboard tombstones.
  2. “Rest In Peace” Cake. A popular cake for an “over the hill” birthday party is a tombstone. Bake a rectangular sheet cake. Cut away one side of the cake to make a curved or rounded edge. Mix black and white icing to create grey icing for the cake. Trim the tombstone’s edge with black icing. Then, pipe the words “Over the Hill," "Rest in Peace," or "RIP" near the top of the marker. Beneath this greeting, add the birthday boy’s name and birth date.
  3. “Graveyard” Cake. A variation of the “Rest in Peace” cake is a graveyard cake. Bake a rectangular sheet cake and frost it with green icing to create a peaceful cemetery grounds. Use icing or cardboard cutouts to create several small tombstones. Be sure to have one larger stone in the middle of the cake for the guest of honor.
  4. “Caution: Old Zone” Cake. This cake is a nice alternative to a grave stone cake. Bake two rectangular sheet cakes. Layer the cakes and frost the top with white icing. Then decorate the top of the cake with traffic signs like, “Danger: Falling Body Parts” or a stoplight that says, “Stop, Nap, Shuffle.” Decorate the edge of the cake with yellow and black icing to look like a caution tape. Include the words “Caution: Old Zone.”
  5. “Goodbye Youth” Cake. How about a cake that says “farewell” to the birthday boy’s younger days? Bake a rectangular sheet cake and a cupcake. Frost one half of the cake with green icing and the other half with chocolate icing. Use the cupcake to form a hill or mound on the cake’s center. Frost this piece with the same half-and-half color scheme. On the green side of the cake, pipe “Happy Birthday” in colorful icing. Use birthday candles to represent the first half of the birthday boy’s life. On the chocolate side, pipe “From now on, everything looks different.” Add more birthday candles for the remainder of his age.



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