5 Best Over The Hill Gag Gifts

There are hundreds over the hill gags that can be given anywhere between a person's 30th to 100th birthday, so here are five of the best over the hill gags that can be given at any age. You could also get creative and put together a gift basket with things like Depends, hemorrhoid cream and false teeth or buy an old fashioned purse and put in a hankie, a scarf, spectacles and other items that grannies would carry. There are many websites that sell napkins, tablecloths, party favors and numerous gag gifts all marked over the hill. What you decide to give a person for their over the hill gag gift will depend on how you interpret their personality and what gifts you think he/she might enjoy.

  1. Coffin gag gift. This over the hill coffin gag gift contains several items. There is an anti-aging spray and anti-wrinkle soap. There is a bottle of age-reversal candy pills that are supposed to reverse your age. The can of prune juice is designed to “keep things regular.” Last, but not least, is an over the hill coffee mug that has gray lettering which says, "Age is Like Underwear–It Creeps Up on You." These gag gifts are enclosed in a fifteen-inch coffin-shaped black box.
  2. Tired old ass sampler kit. This sampler kit includes gag gifts such as an Aromatherapeutic soak called Tired Old Ass Soak. The Tired Old Ass Cream is a lotion that is supposed to help with exhaustion. The Ass Kisser is supposed to “help the hurt.” Also included is a Tired Old Ass Splash that can be used as a body splash or after shave. These items all contain natural ingredients and are scented with eucalyptus and lemon. They come in a zippered pouch filled with red shredded paper.
  3. Tool belt. This is a fun gift for the guy who is about to go over the hill! These are “tools to delay the unavoidable decay”! The tool belt straps on and includes Tyrd-n-Old, which is for aches and pains, W-D Oldie to remove the creaks, Old-2-Day for stopping fatigue, a magnifying glass to “clear things up,” a Fart Alarm to “save the rest of the family” and a roll of duct tape to help with bags and sags.
  4. Survival kit. This kit says “If you're worse for wear with well-worn parts, use this kit for a younger start!” It includes Concentrated Gray B Gone Hair Dye, a bar of the Over the Hill Wrinkle Soap, Miracle Formula Over the Hill Survival Pills, which are an “antidote for aging,” a Get Up & Go Dietary Fiber Rope, an extra pair of spare parts Chattering Teeth and an Oil of Old Age Industrial Strength Miracle Formula to remove sags and bags.
  5. Cane This can comes with a rear-view mirror, a red reflector, a coin squeeze purse, a bulb horn, lean on me tags, a slow moving pedestrian warning sign and some stickers to customize for any age. You could also make your own cane and put on tags and things that pertain to the individual you are giving it to.
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