5 Best Over The Hill Games

Getting old isn't so bad when you are playing one of these five best over the hill games. These games can actually be enjoyed by people of all ages. We give you the five best over the hill games.

  1. Over The Hill Word Scramble. This funny over the hill game is just like a regular word scramble but with words related to being old. One of the best things about this is that anyone can make a scramble using the words that they choose. The more obnoxious the words are, the more fun the game is to play.
  2. Pin The Walker On The Old Person. This over the hill game is just hilarious. Of course, it is similar to the game pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of a tail on a donkey, players are trying to pin a walker in the hands of an older person. Everyone always has a great time watching the blind folded person trying to get the walker in just the right location.
  3. Over the Hill Bingo. This is a great game to play at retirement parties. Instead of traditional letters and numbers that are called at bingo, this over the hill game calls out words such as constipation, wrinkles and dentures. Instead of money, prizes for over the hill bingo can include prizes like wrinkle cream and prune juice.
  4. The Would You Rather Game. This is a really great game to break the ice at the beginning of a party. With this game, you take index cards with a question that starts with the words "would you rather." The index cards are put in a hat. Everyone picks a card and has to answer the question on the card out loud. The questions on the card should pertain to being older. An example of a question in this game is, "Would you rather wear orthopedic shoes or diapers?"
  5.  The You Might Be Older Than Dirt Game. This game is always a hit at over the hill parties. Only people over a certain age will know the answers to these trivia questions. This game is especially funny when young people, who are playing with older people, are trying to guess the answers to the trivia questions.
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