5 Best Over The Hill Party Favors

The best over the hill party favors are important for any over the hill birthday celebration. Below are the five best party favors for that special older person. 

  1. Over the hill candles When it comes to that special birthday marking the trip over the hill, regular candles aren't good enough. Every birthday cake has a message and an over the hill cake shouldn't say "Happy Birthday;" it should imply "You're going to die soon." Any party supply store will have a selection of candles ranging from canes and old codgers to grim reapers. Don't forget to decorate properly.
  2. Balloons What do balloons have to do with being over the hill? These are not your typical party balloons. For an over the hill party, balloons should be inflated only a quarter of the way. There should be no helium-filled bright balloons full of life dancing across the ceiling. No, these balloons should be wrinkled, sagging and limp at all times as an homage to the birthday person. 
  3. Nose hair trimmers and glue As men get older, an unfortunate natural process takes place. When a man finds himself over the hill, the hair on his head disappears only to be reborn in his ears and nostrils. Properly used, nose hair trimmers and glue act to reverse the process. Not only is this a great gift for an older man, but it can be a fun group activity at any over the hill party.
  4. Breast suspenders As women get older, their bodies succumb to gravity. Magique Novelties has come up with an innovative solution. The "Over the Hill Breast Suspender" acts to turn back time and fight gravity. Warning: while this would seem to be a thoughtful gift, some women see it differently. Use of this product as a gag gift or party favor may result in physical injury. Purchase at your own risk. 
  5. Over The Hill Survival Kit For the severely over the hill, just one of the above won't cut it. Some people may require the whole survival kit. This kit for the youth-challenged can be found online and includes Gray B Gone hair dye, aging pills, anti-aging soap, Oil of Old Age and a pair of spare teeth.
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