5 Best Paid Adult RPG Games

The best 5 paid adult RPG games are blockbuster mega dollar making machines. If you are into RPG then this list will be no surprise. If you are new to this world then sit back and enjoy. These five best adult RPG games do cost you to play monthly but offer things you will never find on a console. This article will introduce you to the mammoth RPG worlds that offer more than you can imagine. These five best RPG worlds are a combination of fantasy and sex worlds that will keep your attention. RPG is more than you may think. If you know anything about the gaming world then one of the RPG games on this list is an obvious choice. The others on this list may be a introduction to a new facet of the RPG world.

  1. Digamour: tags “your dream our reality” is an eighteen plus online RPG game that allows you to experience interactive meet-and-great and banging sessions with other players online. This is a sex fest in 3D that moves you from bedroom to bedroom with your self-made character. Much like Leisure Suit Larry except it is next level of nudity and sexual interaction.
  2. BoneTown: the name says it all, don’t you think? Not only will you experience virtual 3D sex, oral, threesomes and rowdy sex you also get to go around and kick the hell out of people. This action packed game has bee the top breed on the market for sometime now. It is perhaps the Godfather of 3D adult RPG games and the first to boast the cumshot.
  3. Hentai High: takes you through your high school years trying and succeeding in having sex with every girl in school and a few hot and sexy teachers. The graphics are nice in this entry but the concept is amazing. All those anime hotties at the tip of your member is something to behold. The engine behind this one is an additive world as well, which always makes it fun.
  4. World of Warcraft: sorry but no list adult or otherwise is complete without WOW as a member. This multi-billion dollar privately owned mega monster from Blizzard is the largest pay to play RPG universe ever. This world is not necessarily adult driven but with a consenting toon and a little cyber imagination, you too can get laid in this venue.
  5. Age of Conan: is a mature themed kick ass and tap ass game that leaves the world of RPG wide open. A great action filled world where you take what you want. The massive backend leaves plenty to the imagination and plenty to explore. Good times are to had for those with imagination and drive.
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