5 Best Paintball Gun Cases

Protect your equipment with these 5 best paintball gun cases. Equipment for paintball can be costly and it’s a good investment to purchase a case that can carry your gear. While these cases are mainly designed to protect your paintball gun, they also have added storage for other equipment. Please note that the prices listed are approximated and will vary between retailers.

  1. Dye DM Series Paintball Gun Case. This gun case has a unique look and it’s highly functional. This paintball gun case is padded for protection and can carry up to two guns. The compression formed base cradles guns to protect them from most impacts. It also has an external tool pocket and internal elastic loops for holding barrels. There is also an external bungie clip for holding hoppers. The shoulder strap is also padded for comfort.
  2. RAP4 US Army Alpha Black Paintball Gun Marker Bag. This bag is 24” long and has upper and lower foam padding for protection. This is a good option to store your marker and pistol. The case features securing straps so your equipment won’t shift during transport. The case also features an outer pocket for storing your pods, hoppers and air tanks.
  3. RAP4 Paintball Gun Marker Bag. This bag is 36” long and is ideal for carrying larger weapons. It has all the features of the RAP4 bag listed above but is much larger with more storage space.
  4. CORE Marker Bag. If price is an issue, then this might be the paintball gun case option for you. This case fits most markers and is padded for protection. It is also very lightweight at less than a pound.
  5. RAP4 Hard Cover Case. This style case provides the most protection from impact. The downside compared to other soft styles is that there is little to no room for storing other equipment. If you’ll be transporting your gun long distances though, this is a paintball gun case option to consider.
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