5 Best Paintball Gun Games

If you are researching what the 5 best paintball gun games might be, then you may come to find the following 5 paintball gun games quite thrilling and entertaining. Paintball has always been a much favored outdoor sport and the various games involved each add a different perspective to it that makes it all the more fun and exciting in different ways. These paintball gun games can become quite like a war zone in many cases or they could be simply be rather quiet and sneaky from a stealth perspective. 

  1. Capture The Flag. This is among one of the most popular paintball gun games around. Capture The Flag can work in a number of various territories ranging from woods to hills to water. The playing field is divided into two territories, one for each team. Both teams must hide their individual flags somewhere within their own territory. When the game starts, each team must attempt to penetrate the opposite's territory, steal their flag, and bring it back to their own.
  2. Hostage Rescue. Unlike the other paintball gun games, this one takes a far more different approach as the goal involves saving human life. The Hostage Rescue paintball gun game involves one team attempting to rescue a group of hostages whom are being held by the opposing team. Think the "Rainbow Six" games or the "Die Hard" movies.
  3. Manhunt. In this paintball gun game, one of the players is deemed as the target. The rest of the players are assigned to eliminate the target. The player who is being hunted is given as much ammo as needed and the game ends as soon as he/she reaches a safe zone without getting eliminated or he is ends up tagged by the other members.
  4. Many vs. Few. This is one of the paintball gun games that puts emphasis on a lot of strategy. It's all about the numbers vs. strategy of each team. For instance, a team of 3 players must figure out how to defend their territory or fortress from an attacking team of 10 players. While the larger team has greater manpower, the smaller team is blessed with better cover and positioning. 
  5. Siege. In the Siege paintball gun game, the goal is pretty basic, straight-forward, and simple. One team must make an effort to take over a fort, building, territory, or base that is currently being held by the opposing team. If you want a clever variation on this, you can try using a stealthy one man team.



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