5 Best Paintball Gun Scopes

Spruce up your paintball gun with with one of the 5 best paintball gun scopes. There are three basic types of paintball gun scopes: laser sights, red dot sights, and sniper scopes. Each of these paintball gun scopes provide different advantages on the battlefield and should be used based on the type of paintball gun you have and your personal needs. While these paintball gun scopes are designed to fit on almost every paintball gun on the market today, it is best to check with your local paintball retailer before purchasing any of them. Note that you may need to purchase a mount separately in order to attach your scope to your paintball gun.

  1. Exacto Laser Sight. The Exacto laser sight is perfect for a novice or casual paintball player. This paintball gun scopes comes with a pressure pad that will keep the sight on as long as you hold it as well as an on/off switch to allow you keep the scope on indefinitely. It comes with its own mount so you will not need to purchase one separately.
  2. NsSTAR Rubber Armored Mark III Tactical Scope. If you're looking to buy a laser sight and money is not an object, this is the paintball gun scope for you. Features include a sunshade for increased accuracy during bright daylight, three reticles to choose from, and a rubber casing for extra durability.
  3. 1×30 Reflex Red Dot Scope. One of the most popular paintball gun scopes available, a red dot scope generally improves your aiming and targeting as opposed to accuracy, as it provides a red dot in the middle of your lens/sight. The 1×30 Reflex Red Dot Scope has four different brightness levels you can adjust based on your surroundings and comes with its own mount. This paintball gun scope is battery powered, so make sure you have some extra batteries handy when you hit the battlefield.
  4. AIM 4 Reticle Pattern Red Dot Sight. This paintball gun scope offers the biggest field of vision out of all the scopes outlined in this article. Owners can choose from four reticles: a star, cross, dot, or bullseye. Unfortunately, a mount is not included, so you will have to purchase on separately to attach it to your paintball gun.
  5. RAP4 9×3 Tactical Sniper Scope. As the name suggests, a sniper scope is best used in conjunction with a sniper paintball gun. This paintball gun scope has a 600 ft range, allowing you to see farther and clearer than nearly any other scope available today. Despite its large size, it is only 3.5 lbs, making it bigger but lighter than most other paintball gun scopes. Two ring mounts are included for easy assembly.
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