5 Best Paintball Gun Upgrades

These 5 best paintball upgrades will help take your game to the next level. Although upgrades to paintball guns are not all that plentiful, the ones that are available are definite uppers. Check out these recommendations for your next purchase.

  1. Custom Products HPA Bottle 68-4500—5 Year Hydro—800 psi Output Upgrade your paintball gun with an upgraded air tank. Add full to your game with a larger capacity air tank to keep you from having to reload so frequently. This monster tank boasts exceptional output and capacity at a still amazingly lightweight apparatus.
  2. Empire Magna Drive Hopper with RF Technology Add to the paintball gun with the logical higher capacity paintball loader. The magna series offers a large capacity loader with a streamlined loading system that will feed your paintball gun more rapidly. With a higher paintball capacity you will be able to fire longer and faster, thus giving you a real time advantage.
  3. Pro-Team Products Universal Warp Feed Adapter with Plug Another great idea for paintball gun upgrade is the paintball feed adapter that will allow you to reload the hopper quicker, more precisely and with less spillage. Quick reloads in time of aggressive assault is vital to overall success and the key to victory in many cases. This adapter will provide for quick fill and get you back loaded and firing in no time.
  4. J & J Performance 1 Piece Ceramic Barrel—20 Inches Upgrade your paintball gun with a precision barrel that is self lubricating and guarantees a better paintball marker. A great barrel will increase accuracy and cut down on the number shots required to take out a target. This professional grade enhancement is surprisingly affordable and easy to assemble.
  5. ADCO Tactical Sight with Mount The final paintball gun upgrade is an attachment accessory that will increase accuracy when time permits and exact precision is a must. The scope is a great upgrade to assist in one-shot kills and mastering the field from a distant. This paintball upgrade is another easy to assemble upgrade that is well worth the expense on your way to becoming the best.
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