5 Best Paintball Hand Gun

What are the five best paintball handguns? A lot depends upon what you want the paintball handgun to do for you. If you wish to use it as a trainer for live firearms training, you will probably want a more realistic looking paintball handgun. If you wish to use it for paintball games, or marking with paintballs you might wish for one of the more traditional styled paintball guns. In either case there are a lot of excellent choices out there, this article will try and give some of the best and let you decide your needs.

  1. Kingman KT Eraser. This is a more traditional styled paintball marker handgun. It uses 12g C02 cartridges and can shoot 80 .43 caliber paintballs up to 120 feet per cartridge. It comes in a variety of colors and a durable aluminum construction for a long lifetime of rugged use. Spare magazines are available for long shooting sessions without reloading. This is an excellent marker for the gamer, or someone who wants to mark targets but wants his hands free most of the time.
  2. Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol. This is Tippmann's paintball marker pistol. Tippmann is famous in the paintball industry for quality products at a reasonable price. It is lightweight, customizable and above all reliable. It uses quick change 12g C02 cartridges to propel .68 caliber paintballs from a detachable seven round magazine. This one lives up to the tradition Tippmann has so rightly carved out in the paintball industry.
  3. Umarex RAM Desert Eagle. This is a realistic copy of the .50 Desert Eagle. It uses 12g C02 cartridges to propel .43 caliber paintballs and rubber round balls. It's detachable magazine holds seven rounds and you get to shoot up to four magazines from one cartridge. Spare magazines are available. This replica is one for one authentic, in both size and weight, to the real Desert Eagle making it perfect for practice for those who use the real deal.
  4. Umarex RAM P99. A realistic copy of the very popular Smith and Wesson/Walther P99. It uses a 12g C02 cartridge to propel .43 caliber paintballs from its detachable nine round magazine. The one for one size and weight ratio to the real P99 make it an ideal trainer for those who use the P99. It also is capable of using special rubber ammunition and pepper balls for a less than lethal option in the modern law enforcement world.
  5. RAP4 RAP17. This is a realistic copy of one of the most famous police pistols around, the Glock 17. 12g C02 cartridges propel nine paintballs from its 9 round detachable magazine. Each cartridge gives up to 40 shots up to a distance of 120 feet, Its real metal, and hard plastic construction give it an authentic weight and feel. The blowback action mimics the firing action of the real thing. This is an excellent choice for a trainer for those who use the Glock in every day life.

There are five of the best paintball handguns/markers. Are they the absolute best, a lot depends upon your individual needs. They are however all excellent paintball handguns deserving of being on the list. Hopefully there is something which appeals to most users. They are all well made and should serve you for a long time in your desired paintball pursuit.

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