5 Best Pam Anderson Movies

What are the 5 best Pam Anderson movies? As the year winds down, Hollywood has kicked off it's yearly self-congratulatory orgy by starting to hand out nominations for the awards shows. The Golden Globes, SAG, People's Choice and (gasp with awe when you say it) the Oscars have, or will, announce best this-and-that nominations for noted thespians, directors and movies. What a better time to come up with a list of best movies for perennial Oscar contender (dry sarcasm alert) Pam Anderson.

  1. Pamela Anderson Lee and Tommy Lee's Sex Tape. Were you expecting something else? Okay, while technically not a released movie, the amount of people who have viewed this erotic mini-epic online probably number more than who have seen all of the "real" movies Pam Anderson has been in during her career. The notorious tape, made during the couple's honeymoon, displays Pam's adeptness at fellatio and Tommy's formidable penis. In fact, in the annals of Oscar snubs, the exclusion of Tommy Lee's schlong from Best Supporting Actor has to rank as one of the worst in history. 
  2. "Borat". Sacha Baron Cohen's comedic gem features Anderson stretching her acting chops to the limit by playing, well, herself. In this hilarious mockumentary, she is the title character's object of affection and, little to her  knowledge, his future wife. The scene at the end of the movie where Borat tries to kidnap Anderson at a book signing and stuff her into his "wedding sack" is hilarious. Along with a funny performance in that scene, Anderson comes off as a very good sport for even agreeing to do the film. Kudos, Pam.
  3. "Barb Wire". A slave to her craft as an actress, Pam got a soon-to-be-cliche, real barbed wire tattoo for this film.  Talk about sinking yourself into a role!  She really did become "Barb Wire." The premise for this film was a re-imagined Casablanca set in 2017 during the "Second American Civil War," with Pam playing the Bogart role in a bit of gender switching. Aside from the hackneyed premise and dubious plot, this film provides good entertainment if you are a Pam Anderson fan.  Released in 1996, Pam was at her peak of busty sexiness, which was put on display with various cleavage-revealing costumes. That, along with a lot of action and plenty of fight scenes make this movie surprisingly enjoyable.
  4. "Blonde and Blonder". Pam stars with fellow hottie Denise Richards in a film where they play two extremely dumb blondes (hence the title) named Dee and Dawn who become mistaken for two female assassins named Kit and Cat. Oh, the cleverness. Two local mobsters, played by the deceased Chris Farley's much less talented brothers Kevin and John, then offer them $250,000 to "take out" Hang Wong (get it?), a rival mobster.  Being two dumbe blondes, Dee and Dawn believe that means they need to take Mr. Wong out on a date. How cute! The girls undertake the mission, are followed by federal agents and Kit and Cat, who are determined to kill Dee and Dawn for unknowingly stealing their identities as professional hitwomen. Blah, blah, blah, it all works out in the end and Dee and Dawn are rich and open a turtle sanctuary. Don't ask. All in all, this is a movie to watch because it stars Pam Anderson and Denise Richards.
  5. "Scary Movie 3". Pam Anderson. Jenny McCarthy. Sexy schoolgirl uniforms. Catfight. That's all you need to know. Five stars!  This would be ranked higher on the list of best Pam Anderson movies but Pam meets her demise only five minutes into the film in a funny bit that spoofs the movie "The Ring." The rest of the movie, the third installment of the "Scary Movie" series, is eminently watchable with more than a few hilarious scenes.
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