5 Best Party Board Games

There are many fun things to do at parties but the 5 best party board games give most of the other activities a real run for their money. Good party games involve questions and answers, team work, shouting and at least a few people trying to bend the rules. The 5 best party games are the ones have most, if not all of those elements and they are also the ones that everybody seems to own.

  1. "Trivial Pursuit." This is the best party board game for people who think they are smarter than everybody else and have been waiting for an opportunity to prove it. The game involves a measure of luck and with so many variants on the market someone could be in for a nasty surprise if they suggest playing it and their host whips out "The Saturday Night Live Version."
  2. "Cadoo." This is similar to Pictionary but this board game involves some extra skills like molding clay and being able to read tiny print through red-tinted glasses. As ever luck plays a role and contestants choose between solo questions and combo's but it is just a great party game for people who want to run around and have fun.  
  3.  "Twister." Not your average board game. The most interactive of the 5 best party games, "Twister" can lead to all kinds of unpleasant injuries if the heavy people end up on top. The inventors of twister probably intended it to be a kids game but there are plenty of over grown kids who think its fun to try their luck at being contortionists.
  4.  "Mouse Trap." This game calls for patience, skill and people with plenty of time on their hands. The fun part is assembling the overly complicated series of structures that hold up the trap. The only negative about this game is that someone usually accidentally knocks something and ruins the whole thing.  
  5.  "Life." Everything looks so easy on a game board and that's why "Life" is one of the 5 best games ever. You can start over and decide if you want to work or go to college, have kids, become a lawyer or go bankrupt. The coolest part of "Life" is the car with the pin head family in it. Awesome board game.



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