5 Best Party Drinking Games

What better way to ensure a night of drinking, fun, and laughter than to play the 5 best drinking games at the party.  It is certainly not uncommon for parties to include drinking. And when there is a party, what do people want (other than alcohol)? Fun. This is a great way to get people involved and to get them relaxed and socializing. The following is a list of the best party drinking games:

  1. Beer Pong. Beer pong is a classic game and ever-so-popular amongst the party scene, which is why it is number one on the list of the best party drinking games. It is hard to pass up the thrill of throwing and bouncing ping pong balls off a table and into your opponent’s cup, causing them to have to drink the content of the cup. This game is anything but boring. Get the right group of people together and you have got an intense, no holds bar competition on your hands.
  2. Crazy 8’s. The next game on the list of the best party drinking games is Crazy 8’s, and the game can turn into just that: crazy. From a deck of cards, pull all four eights and lay them on the table so that they connect, from top to bottom. Similar in style to solitaire, the object of the game is to build from the eights (the suits must match), with lower cards going to the right and higher cards to the left. But, the cards must go in order. If you do not have a card in your hand to place on an existing card that is the next card higher or lower than that card, you have to drink for the total number of cards from the suit that are already laid down, as well as for any numbers missing in between. If you can’t handle pressure, then you are in for a long night.
  3. Ring of Fire. If you have ever played Circle of Death, then you will love Ring of Fire. Similar to Circle of Death, Ring of Fire involves a deck of cards and of course, drinks. Each card represents something different (e.g. two’s are Make a Rule, Queens are Question Master). Failure to comply by the rules of each card results in a drinking consequence. This is a great game to get people to relax, loosen up, and have a great time and a few laughs (and drinks) in the process.
  4. Never Have I Ever. You think you know everything about your friends? Think again. This all-time favorite game found itself a spot on the list of the best party drinking games for its ability to be creative and original, destined to create a few surprises along the way. Everyone likes finding out new things about those they thought they knew so well, as well as new and interesting facts about those they do not. This is an easy way to do that. All you need is a drink in hand and go around the room blurting out things you have never done, and watch those who have drink away. For some laughs and possibly surprising revelations, get your party group together and let the fun begin.
  5. High Low. Simple, classic, dangerous—high low. This game can either work in your favor or work against you. It is you trying to outsmart the cards. There is no strategy to it, no logic. What it comes down to is how good of a guesser you are, or how lucky. It is simple to play. Get a deck of cards and your choice of drink. All you have to do is guess whether the next card turned over will be higher or lower than the one in front of you. Guess wrong and you succumb to taking as many drinks as the value of the card. Guess right and you are drink free, for the time being. Play with a group of people or just a few, but this game is sure to spice up the fun.

So, the next time you host a party, heighten the fun by pulling out some of these great drinking games.

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