5 Best Patricia Arquette Movies

Here is the 5 best Patricia Arquette movies that this stunning blond, blue-eyed beauty has starred in.  She is a very talented actress that ran away from home at the age of fifteen and only a few years later she was taking on roles for major movies. She has had a long, successful career in movies and television. She most recently has starred in the television hit "Medium."   Here is the fove best Patricia Arquette movies that are a must see:

  1. "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors."   This was Patricia Arquette's first major movie, back in 1987.  This movie is about seven teenagers who all dream of being murdered by Freddy Krueger.  This is one of those great eighty horror movies.
  2. "True Romance."  Patricia Arquette plays an inexperienced call girl who is paid to seduce a comic book nerd.  This is an action adventure movie that can't be missed.
  3. "Flirting With Disaster."  This movie was released back in 1996.  It is a dark comedy, where Patricia plays a neglected wife.  Her role in this movie makes it one of the five best Patricia Arquette movies.
  4. "Lost Highway."  Another great Patricia Arquette movie that was released in the nineties. She has starred in most of her movies during the nineties.  This is a great drama mystery that will keep you in suspense. 
  5. "Beyond Rangoon."  This time around she plays an American doctor in a movie that was inspired by the crackdown of the Burmese military.  Another action adventure movie that Patricia Arquette has starred in.  Most of the five best Patricia Arquette movies are action adventure along with many other movies she has starred in. 
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