5 Best Pay Bills Apps

With a busy schedule paying bills can be a pain, but not if you use the 5 best pay bills apps. Some pay bills apps are free and other charge a nominal fee to help you keep track of your bills.

  1. Pageonce Bills. Bills are automatically pushed to the app without having to enter them manually. You can get bill reminders and track the bill payment history. This is one of the simplest pay bills apps. 
  2. Bill Minder. The attractive new interface of Bill Minder makes it even easier to use. You can customize the apps with themes and icons you choose. It reminds you when bills are due, shows account status at a glance and has an autopay function. Information can also be exported to a .CVS file.
  3. Bill Tracker. This apps pushes notifications to your phone so you alerted when a bill is due. It keeps track of recurring payments and offers a calendar view so you can see which bill due dates are coming up. You can look up a bill’s history and the contact information for the account. 
  4. Money Smart. The beauty of this app is that it not only helps you keep track of your bills, it links them to a budget and your income and expenses. You can set up recurring payments, view all the bills for the month on a calendar, and get reminders for upcoming due dates.
  5. Pay Off Debt. This app not only lets you organize and schedule bill paying but it helps you decide which debt to pay off first. Like most pay bills apps it keeps track of due dates and balances but also allows you to track debt repayment goals.



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