5 Best PC Gaming Controllers

The 5 best PC game controllers is a mix of some familiar names in the PC gaming world. PC gaming is still extremely popular, in face the most popular game in the world is a PC based game. PC Game controllers however are geared towards the console based games that have made there way or had their start on the PC. PC games cover the gaming genre completely. Having a great PC game controller is a key component in being successful. The right PC game controller will also show your savvy game play as it is a huge part of the game. Finding the five best PC game controllers is a click of the mouse away. Game controllers do not always have to be tested. Most are already designed for comfort and with ergonomics in mind.  Still if you are uncomfortable with internet buying, then head down to a gaming or computer store for a test run,

  1. Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 with Vibration Feedback: provides wireless capability with a great range for added playability. Comfortable grips that put the pad in your hands effortlessly which provides for ease of use based on button positions. The rumble or vibration feedback can be turned off if such interaction is annoying to the gamer.
  2. Saitek PS2700 Rumble Pad: offers an inexpensive PC controller with all the bells and whistles. This digitally inclined controller with analog features to make any game, new or retro a perfect fit for the gamer. The analog features are top notch and the controller feel is easy and light in the hands. Control buttons are comfortably placed for quick reaction and with less stress on your fingers.
  3. Genius MaxFire Blaze 2 Vibration Gamepad: is an exciting gamepad that offers extended grips for added comfort. The button controls are nicely placed on the gamepad face and promote reduced hand fatigue. The buttons are ultra sensitive doe there id no need to belt the buttons with your thumb. This very well manufactured controller is a perfect fit in the top five.
  4. Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad Pro: is a name you can trust top provide exceptional controller game play. Extended form the X-Box controller, this game pad offers the comfort and ease of you that gamers have come to expect. The buttons are nicely laid out to promote comfort and reduce fatigue. This controller comes in wired and wireless options with add-ons such as vibration and torque.
  5. Logitech Dual Action Gamepad Game Controller: Logitech is perhaps the industry leader in PC game controllers and this second entry is no exception to quality and outstanding game play. If you are a retro PS2 player and really love the feel of the most popular gamepad in the world, then this is your controller. Comfort fit with dual thumb analog controllers and retrofit buttons in easy to reach positions makes this controller a winner.
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