5 Best PC Racing Games

Opinions reign supreme in the 5 best PC racing games. Not all console games are available in PC mode and for this reason, the list of the five best racing games is based on latitude and availability. Still, these five best racing games for PC are choice. If you are looking for good times and some road rash high jinxes, this list is for you. These PC racing games are fun, exciting and action-packed. These five games that are sure to be on the top of any PC gamer's list. Look at this list of PC racing games over and head down to your local retailer to rent or buy a copy. It’s all fun until someone rolls the PC in these high-octane racing games.

  1. "Need for Speed" (Electronic Arts) is an awesome game on any platform, but for the PC it excels. "Need for Speed" offers a great game interface, background graphics and a garage of cars that would make any enthusiast drool. The cars are the attraction–every hot rod and exotic car of choice is represented. "Need for Speed" is the best street racing franchise on the PC platform on the market.
  2. "Test Drive Unlimited" (Atari) is an unlock-as-you-progress game that is high-end street racing to its fullest. "Test Drive" offers an exceptional online feature that lets your drive, test and race against other drivers from across the globe. The platform is well-suited and the features well-drawn out. The graphics are exceptional with a fast refresh time. Side challenges pit you against time and player as well as yourself to unlock plus ups.
  3. "DiRT 2" (Codemasters) is an off road extravaganza of thrills and spills. "DiRT 2" offers a career mode that spans countless hours of fun and action. The handing of the vehicles is top notch and the user interface is well-designed. This game is over the top for the PC platform with many levels and increasingly difficult levels. Responsive controls make for a fast-paced and hard-driven game.
  4. "Blur" (ActiVision) brings the arcade to the PC. An arcade-style racing game with all the upgraded bells and whistles. This ride adds weapons and destruction to the mix and responsive controls that pump up the action. This is a fast=paced racing game for the need for the fast cars and destruction genre. The name here says it all–the cars are a definite blur in the action pack racer.
  5. "Formula 1" (Codemasters) is a very deserving second entry by this gaming venue. "Formula 1" is an exciting twist on "Formula 1" racing. The cars are phenomenal and the graphics top notch. The racing excitement is based on speed, hairpin turns and the ramped up competition. Work your way up the "Formula 1" ladder and become the darling of the circuit.
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