5 Best PC Zombie Games

If you're into creepy horror games, then you're sure to enjoy this list of the five best PC zombie games.  After all, who doesn't enjoy shooting down putrescent peons and moaning members of the undead?  If you like blowing up the bloated and bringing the shambling hordes to a sudden grisly end, be sure to check out these five gems.  They're the best PC zombie games to ever shuffle your way.  

  1. "Left 4 Dead 2" from Valve Corporation: Much like the original, the player is fighting hordes of zombies, infected by an apocalyptic pandemic.  However, this sequel offers new types of infected mobs and some great melee weapons. Adding an extra challenge is that the game is altered by an A.I. engine (The Director) that adjusts things according to the player's performance.  What makes this one of the best PC zombie games, though, is that you can play zombies in the multiplayer.  Who doesn't want to be a bloated member of the undead?
  2. "Dead Space" by EA Redwood Shores: One of the best PC zombie games, known for its creepy atmosphere and intense gameplay is the third-person shooter, "Dead Space."  Another great bonus is that, unlike your stereotypical zombie game, you don't have to aim for the head to kill these mobs.  Even better yet?  There's a "Dead Space 2" scheduled for release in 2011. 
  3. "Killing Floor" by Shatterline Productions: A good and disturbing co-op survival game is Shatterline's "Killing Floor."  While it's not a particularly original game (you're basically working with other to survive waves of the undead), what puts this on the list of the 5 best PC zombie games is the wide range of perks that are available for players.  You have a wealth of different upgrades, particularly for the weapons, that keep things really interesting and exciting. 
  4. "Typing of the Dead" by Smilebit: If you're looking for the best PC zombie games that are not only challenging, but also educational, be sure to check out this strange game.  Known for its comedic content, this "House of the Dead 2" remake replaces the player's gun with a keyboard and requires the gamer to type words and phrases in order to kill the zombies.  Not only is it a funny game, but it also helps to improve typing skills.  How can you go wrong?
  5. "They Hunger" by Valve: A single-player first-person shooter, this is a mod of the popular shooter game "Half-Life."  While the basic storyline is pretty much one of your stereotypical zombie games, what makes this one stand out is the general creepy horror aspect and the fact that, while it may be a mod, it contains little of the original Half-Life content.  Another nice aspect is that this is one of the few PC zombie games that was created solely for the PC.  If you like a good solid zombie game, this one is pretty reliable.
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