5 Best Penelope Cruz Movies

Here are the 5 best Penelope Cruz movies. The dark haired beauty has starred in many movies and has many foreign films under her belt. This list of best Penelope Cruz movies only lists her non foreign films.

  1. "Sahara." Penelope Cruz plays Eva, a doctor who is out to find the source of the Plague in Africa. As she is tracing the source up the Niger River, she hitches a ride on Dirk Pitts boat. He is an underwater treasure hunter in search of a treasure while Eva is in search of a disease.  
  2. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." In this best Penelope Cruz movie she plays Marie, a divorced woman who has never stopped loving her husband. Their relationship had always loved each other but they were missing something on a sexual note. They begin a threesome relationship, but something goes awry. Everyone ends up where they had started.
  3. "Vanilla Sky." Although this movie's plot leave something to be desired, her role is perfect. Cruz plays Sofia, a piece of a dream that David has that you never really know is real or just a dream.
  4. "Blow." Cruz plays Mirtha, the wife of a drug dealer. He started out as a struggling businessman, and eventually started dealing pot. He was arrested and sent to prison. Upon his release, he becomes a full-blown Cocaine dealer. He is arrested during a traffic stop because there is a warrant out for his arrest. Cruz’s role seems minor in this movie. However, she gives her character power and charisma.
  5. "The Good Night." In this best Penelope Cruz best movie, she plays the woman of Gary’s dreams, literally. Anna is the woman Gary has always hoped for. She is perfect, except for the fact she only appears in his dreams.

Cruz pulls of each role she plays with ease. A popular actress in both American and foreign films she is an Oscar winner and has won many other awards.

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