5 Best Pheromone Oils

If you want an edge to attract the ladies, then check out these 5 best pheromone oils. Pheromones are the natural hormones that the body secretes to attract the opposite sex. A lot of people feel that pheromones are the building blocks of attraction. The theory is that if you produce enough pheromones, the ladies will be beating down your door. Wearing a synthetic pheromone oil doesn’t help your body produce more natural pheromones, but wearing one of the 5 best pheromone oils should give you enough of a boost to attract the object of your desire.
  1. Human Euphoria. This is one of the best pheromone oils because it comes in the most varieties. This pheromone oil comes in scented, unscented, fruit flavors and knock-offs of designer fragrances.
  2. Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate. This makes it onto our list because it is the purest form of pheromone oil that is available. The more concentrated your pheromone oil is, the more likely it is to help you attract the ladies. Like most pheromone oils, it is unscented but blended with essential oils to help avoid skin irritation.
  3. Pheromone for Men, by Marilyn Miglin. This pheromone oil smells more like traditional cologne than most of the other brands you will run into. A lot of pheromone oils can make you smell like a hippy with fruity essential oils, and others just smell like cheap knock-offs of popular brands. This oil has a nice original scent that won’t make you smell like a hippy.
  4. Pure Instinct. We made this one of our choices because it was the only unisex pheromone oil we could find. It has a light citrus scent that isn’t overwhelming and can work well if you have other citrus-based colognes that you like to wear.
  5. Troo Attraction. This is another pheromone oil that made the list because it’s unscented. We figure that just because you’re using pheromone oils to give yourself an edge when it comes to attraction doesn’t mean you have to smell like you just rolled out of a Grateful Dead show.
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