5 Best Physicx Moments

Physicx is a South Korean break dancer and here are the five best Physicx moments. He has accumulated many titles as a “bboy” and is considered one of the very best around. Here are the top five Physicx moments.

  1. Physicx versus Darkness. A great Physicx moment, he comes out with high energy in this battle, throwing down windmills and some innovative moves. Darkness retaliates with a long display of physical power, demonstrating his arm strength with some slow variations of handstands and balance. Ultimately, Physicx shows him up with his signature style of finesse and power.
  2. Physicx versus Lilou. If anyone could give Physicx a run for his money, it’s Lilou. Lilou fuses breakdancing with wild, almost popish, dance moves; he’s fast, entertaining to watch and cocky. Physicx has an energy drink before the battle and brings a great display, showing off some new moves. His best run is his last, where he runs around Lilou and pushes the energy to his limit. In the end, Lilou wins this battle 4 to 1 by the judges, but it’s still a great battle, earning it a spot as one of the top five Physicx moments.
  3. Physicx versus Danny (4 da next level). Our hero comes out using a string of power moves, winning the crowd over early. All Danny can do is try and catch up, and this Physicx moment is all about his power.
  4. Physicx versus Pitbull. During this U.K. sanctioned bboy battle, Pittbull (U.S) brings the heat on Physics, showing off some lightning fast footwork, and speedy power moves. Physicx goes extra hard on this battle, improvising several moves. Physicx moves on to the next round, but Pittbull puts up a very worthy fight, putting this fight as one of the five Physicx moments fans need to see.
  5. Physicx versus Hong10. This is one of the greatest battles of all time in the bboy world, two legends at the height of their game, going in for the kill. Hong10 shows off an amazing level of skill on his first pass, cranking out some very original moves. But Physics is not having it; he uses every move in his arsenal.  Physicx wins this battle, but it is a tough one. 

Those are the top five best Physicx moments; of course there are many other battles that are just amazing. Physicx is definitely a true athlete and master of breaking.

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