5 Best Pick Up Artist Techniques

If you want to double your dating and impress your friends with your ability to get women, you're going to need the 5 best pick up artist techniques. These maneuvers will get women from the bar or nightclub to your bedroom faster than you can possibly imagine. Get ready to make yourself known as a certified lady killer with the following collection of some of the best pick up artist techniques.

  1. The set. In short, never travel alone. This is an essential pick up artist technique because it's one of the easiest to execute. When you see a girl that you're interested in, she'll more than likely be talking to a friend, or even to a group. You can't just walk up to her and expect to woo her on your own, so bring a friend or two along and make certain that everyone in the group has someone to talk to. That way, she'll feel less guilty about shifting her attention from her friends to you.
  2. Peacocking. Inspired by the majestic bird from Asia, this technique involves wearing a particular article of clothing that makes you stand out from the crowd. A hat, tattoo or jewelry—anything that makes you look more interesting and thus draws her attention towards you. From here, you've got her hanging on your every word as you tell her where you got the apparel she just complimented you on. A subtle yet effective move that separates you from the rest of the crowd, the ease of access to pull off peacocking makes it one of the best techniques for pick up artist who are new to the game.
  3. Speak slowly. When it comes to speaking with the lady in question, sometimes your nerves can get the best of you and you'll end up stammering inconclusively, making her walk away or worse, feel sorry for you. Many of the best pick up artists practice speaking slowly in order to make every word heard, and more importantly, every word count. Slower, more deliberate speech exudes a calming sense of strength, stability, and best of all, sensuality. Make her swoon with every word you make by taking a step back and slowing the pace of your speech.
  4. The neg. Slight, ambiguous flattery can go a long way in picking up a lady. Subtly making her doubt herself will cause her to, consciously or not, try to capture more of your attention to prove herself to you. On another hand, slightly chiding her in a friendly manner will make her think that you're eschewing any thoughts of taking her home—she'll work even harder to make you want her again. People always want what they cannot get, so make her think that you aren't terribly interested in her. This notion of reverse psychology is what makes the neg among the best pick up artist techniques for its subtlety and its universal effectiveness.
  5. The three second rule. Probably one of the most important pick up artist techniques, the three second rule simply means going with your gut feeling and never second guessing yourself. If you see a potential target in the bar, you give yourself three seconds to walk over to her and introduce yourself. If you allow for even a sliver of extra time, the hesitation sets in and you start to wonder if you can really pull this off. The three second rule really strikes down the insecurities of most beginners to the game of picking up women by not allowing them the chance to become wary. While some may see it as acting impulsively, you cannot deny the effectiveness nor the brilliance of walking over to a woman the minute you lay eyes on her—your worries and cares will go out the window and you'll be too busy wooing her to remember they were there in the first place.

Knowing and learning the best pick up artist techniques can allow anyone to slowly be on their way to mastering the art of picking up women wherever they go. By using these skills as a foundation, you'll soon have so many women vying for your attention, you'll forget what the very notion of a dry spell is.

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