5 Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases

Looking for the 5 best ping pong paddle cases? With so many on the market, it can be hard to choose. So why bother? Because a ping pong paddle case protects the tacky quality of the rubber coating on your paddle blade. This maintains the speed, spin and control attributes of your paddle. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, here are the best ping pong paddle cases to choose from.

  1. Stiga T6940 Ping Pong Paddle Case. Very affordable, this is a single paddle protective cover for easy carry, though not recommended for rough handling. Made of durable, soft vinyl, the case is fully waterproof and covers the entire paddle (unlike tennis racket covers). Stylishly two-toned, the ping pong case closes with a side zipper lined on the inside to protect the paddle from scratching. The case includes a separate ping pong ball holder for up to three balls.
  2. Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle Case. Priced mid-range, this is a semi-rigid paddle protective case with additional exterior protection. Made of waterproof polyester, the case holds two ping pong paddles with three balls. Elastic fasteners secure the items in the case and will perform well during casual carry, though rough travel is not recommended. Black with a side zipper, this full-coverage ping pong case offers a stylish design, with a zipper flag for easy handling.
  3. Joola Disc Ping Pong Paddle Case. Priced mid-range, this a heavy-duty protective case for easy carry of a single paddle. Designed with paddle protection in mind, the Joola Disc provides interior padding throughout the waterproof, polyester case. Though less modern in design, the Joola offers full protection and more padding than similar cases in the price range. With a coated zipper opening, the Joola comes with a large red and navy logo.
  4. Butterfly Nubag II Ping Pong Paddle Case. This is a ping pong case for players who travel with their paddles and wish to carry two rackets and balls in a protected pouch. The Japanese table tennis equipment manufacturer, Butterfly, is famed for its high quality products. Though you may not be able to afford a Butterfly paddle, the case is much more affordable. Designed with a side pocket and main tray that holds two ping pong paddles and four balls in meshed pockets, the Butterfly case keeps items snugly tucked in place. Padded panels in the 100% polyester, waterproof case, further protect your gear from damage. A side zipper offers additional storage space for small items.
  5. Butterfly Hardfull Ping Pong Paddle Case III. Priced relatively high, this is high-quality paddle case for players who have an expensive paddle. Made of a waterproof, hard outer shell, the racket case offers superior protection. A single mesh pocket to one side offers storage space; a strap on the other side secures the paddle in place. Sleek and high-tech in style, the Hardfull III comes in silver, gold or black with a carrying strap for added convenience.
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