5 Best Ping Pong Paddles

Purchase one of the 5 best ping pong paddles to maximize your game. The quality of ping pong paddles depends on the handle, blade and rubber coatings. Professional players prefer to custom order their table tennis rackets, selecting the best manufacturer for each component. However, there are re-assembled ping pong paddles that offer excellent speed, spin and control. Here are the best ping pong paddles depending on your budget and skill level.

  1. Joola Attack. A recreational racket that does not cost a fortune yet offers high performance. The Joola incorporates a flared grip with an ergonomic hand-fitting design. Special sponge coating provides shock absorption in the handle. The paddle is made with specially glued plywood veneers. The rubber coating on the blades is pimpled for a speed rating of 80 and spin of 84, with an excellent control reading of 86. This even balance between spin, speed and control makes the Joola an easy racket to use. The Joola ping pong paddle weighs five and half ounces.
  2. KillSpin 100-16 Dynamo. This is a ping pong paddle for advanced players who want to push their game further. Offering a medium-soft sponge coating and an elastic surface, the Dynamo comes in at a speed rating of 9 and spin of 8.5, offering high speed and spin with a control of 7.5, a design intending to push the limits of the game and player. The Dynamo offers a flared, ergonomic handle for increased comfort. The 5 Nordic plywood blade is a quarter of an inch thick, with a sponge coating of 2 millimeters. This is not a ping pong paddle for timid beginners or timid players.
  3. Stiga Supreme. ITTF approved, this is a ping pong paddle for amateur and competition players. The Stiga includes a regulation inverted surface constructed with ACS Technology, known as “Future” rubber, and an ergonomic handle known as the WRB, Italian anatomic composition. The coating thickness is 2 millimeters implementing Tube Technology, while the blade is composed of 6 extra light plywood manufactured with Crystal Tech technology. These measurements combine to offer an easy-to-master ping pong paddle with excellent speed, spin and control.
  4. DHS X6002 NEW X Series. From the largest Chinese table tennis manufacturer comes the evolved DHS X6002 New X series for advanced competition players. ITTF, WTTC and Olympic Game approved, this ping pong paddle offers a quick attack game style in a relatively inexpensive ping pong paddle. The flared handle is countered with ergonomic coating for superior control. The blade is composed of 5 plywood sections and coated with III pimpled rubber on one side and II on the other for varied speed and spin options. The need to spin the ping pong paddle based on game strategy makes this racket more difficult to master but more rewarding.
  5. Butterfly 7285 Viscaria FL. This USATT and ITTF approved ping pong paddle is for serious competition players. Butterfly is a top maker of table tennis rackets, with the pre-assembled Viscaria offering players a pre-assembled version of the custom rackets ordered by championship players. The blade is coated in Bryce sponge-rubber combination designed for superior speed, spin and control, with a thickness of 1.9 millimeters. The handle is flared with ergonomic coating. This tennis table tennis racket is costly relative to pre-assembled paddles.
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