5 Best Places Easter Brunch: Portland, Oregon

Here are the 5 best places for Easter Brunch in Portland Oregon. When visiting a beautiful city like Portland Oregon finding five of the best places for Easter Brunch can prove a fun testing process and a challenging decision. The beautiful “City of Roses” hosts some of the most gorgeous coastal views in the country. It is no wonder that many of the best restaurants call Portland home. When determining what are five best places for Easter Brunch many things need to be considered including views, menu, and experience overall.

  1. The first of five of the best places for Easter Brunch in Portland Oregon is the Portland Spirit River Cruise Dining and Columbia River Adventures.  They offer a spectacular brunch cruise that includes live entertainment.   Excellent ocean views add to the richness of this brunch experience. The dishes served include anything from black pepper bacon to spinach manicotti with marinara sauce. This brunch cruise can be pricey at forty eight dollars for adults and twenty four dollars for children, but Easter comes once a year. Why not celebrate in style. The offices are located at 110 SE Caruthers Street Portland, OR 97214 or they can be contacted by telephone at (800) 224-3901. 
  2. When looking for the five best places for Easter Brunch in Portland Oregon, it is often wise to go with an award winner. Salty's seafood grill. This multi award winner boasts a delicious seafood buffet that is unmatched. Salty's combines all of the wonderful breakfast favorites such as eggs, sausage, and waffles with some of the most delicious seafood imaginable. Salty's also offers ocean-views and the added benefit of placing reservations online. While Salty's is also a little pricey they also feature live music on what they have named “Weekend Piano Brunch”. You cannot beat this Easter experience. You can make reservations online or by phone at 206-937-1600. This restaurant is located at 1936 Harbor Avenue. S.W. Seattle, Washington 98126, 
  3. If in the mood for a less expensive option Cricket cafe offers a mouth watering. Crickets is one of the five best places for Easter Brunch in Portland Oregon, because of the wide variety of options available. They offer warm and comforting breakfast foods such as omelets or warm fluffy pancakes as well as fruit and crisp cereal.  The down home feel of the restaurant and the entertaining staff further makes this an excellent choice for brunch on Easter. Call and make reservations or inquire about the restaurant at 503-235-9348.  This restaurant gem is located at .3159 Southeast Belmont Street Portland, Oregon 97214
  4. For those in the mood to get a lot of food for the money when looking for the five best places for Easter brunch in Portland Oregon, Utopia Cafe is the place. They offer large hearty helpings of delicious brunch favorites. The pastries often steal the show with their creamy and fruity varieties. The price makes Utopia right for those who want to enjoy a wonderful Easter brunch on a budget. This budget friendly restaurant treat is located in close proximity to the Cricket cafe at  3308 Southeast Belmont Street Portland, Oregon 97214. The contact number for Utopia Cafe is 503-235-7606.
  5. The final restaurant on the list of the five best places for Easter brunch in Portland Oregon is the London Grill. The restaurant is beautifully organized with each table set up for each food.  They boast delicious deserts as well as a chef available to cook your omelets as you order them. You get an upscale restaurant without upscale price. This makes it an excellent choice for those who endeavor to find the five best places for Easter brunch in Portland Oregon. For reservations contact 503-295-4110. This final restaurant winner is located at 309 Southeast Broadway Portland, Oregon 97205.

Easter is a special holiday that comes along once a year. It is always best to plan ahead to visit one of the five best places for Easter brunch in Portland Oregon. These places are not your average run of the mill restaurants they offer a variety for even the pickiest of pallats and service and views that are unmatched.



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