5 Best Places For Guys To Get Tattoos

The best places for guys to get tattoos is in Key West, FL after a few cocktails. Only kidding. If you want to know the 5 best places for guys to get tattoos on their body, you're in the right spot. A well placed tattoo should emphasize the male physique and will draw ladies right to you.

  1. If you have a great chest, one of the best places for guys to get tattoos is right across one side of their chest. To emphasize the best position, flex your chest muscles in front of the tattoo artist and let him or her design something specifically for you. If you have good control over your chest muscles, maybe you can get a tattoo that moves as you flex. You'll really impress those chicks then!
  2. Got nice muscular biceps and want to show off your arm? Place a tattoo right across your bulging arm muscle. If you've been in the Marines or Army, this is a great spot to show your support of the Armed Forces.
  3. Women love a man with a muscular forearm so, while you're getting your bicep tattooed, why not get a complementary tattoo across your forearm?
  4. If you have nice toned broad shoulders, a great place for guys to get tattoos is right across those shoulder. For the most attention, ask the tattoo artist for a large tattoo that spans across your entire back.
  5. Now, if you're really a man, one of the best places for a guy to get a tattoo is (buck up, Buttercup), right on the penis. That's right. On the dick. If you're into impressing the ladies with your prowess, get a dragon that grows with your erection. Depending on your size, you'll either drive her wild or kill her with laughter.
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