5 Best Places To Hunt Deer

The 5 Best Places To Hunt Deer in Ohio are all areas with the highest number of deer harvested. The places to hunt deer in Ohio are all divided into three zones, no matter what part of the state they are in. Respectively, Ohio State is divided into Zone A (which is northwest Ohio), Zone B (which is central Ohio) and Zone C (which is southeastern Ohio). In the state of Ohio particularly, the popularity of hunting with a muzzleloader has grown sizably.

  1. Coshocton County. Coshocton County with a population of 36,655 is located in Ohio's Zone B. It was the best county for deer hunting in the whole state for 2008, with 9564 killed deer. The main food source for deer in this county is local agriculture.
  2. Tuscarawas County. Tuscarawas County is the second best place to hunt deer in Ohio. It is located in Ohio's Zone B and features a population of 90,914. For the 2008 deer hunting year, it had 8814 deer killed by hunters.
  3. Licking County. Licking County, again in central Ohio that makes it part of Zone B, is third on the best places to hunt deer in Ohio list. There is something about Ohio's central region which makes it particularly conducive to excessive deer kills. Indeed, officials are actively trying to reduce the deer population in this zone due to excessive and imbalanced numbers. For the 2008 year, 7967 deer were killed.
  4. Guernsey County. This county represents Ohio's Zone C, which is located in southeastern Ohio and finally puts an end to the monopoly of central Ohio counties on this list. With a population of 40,792, Guernsey County came out at 7916 deer killed for 2008.
  5. Harrison County. Harrison County comes in at the fifth best place to hunt deer in Ohio. Again situated in Ohio's Zone B of central Ohio, this county gave hunters the chance to kill 7454 deer in 2008.



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