5 Best Places To Kayak: Maine

Acknowledging the 5 best places to kayak in Maine is essential if you’re a kayak enthusiast that plans on visiting Maine in the near future. From Nicatous Lake to Acadia National Park, there are many cool places to explore via kayak in Maine.

  1. Nicatous Lake. Spanning an approximate thirteen miles, the Nicatous Lake was heavily used by Indian canoeists in the past. This lake is one of the best places to kayak in Maine as it features many coves, islands and bays to explore via kayak. 
  2. Acadia National Park. If you’re a family man and want to take your family along with you on your kayak adventure, Acadia National Park is the place to go. According to the National Park Service, a small fee must be paid between May to October to gain entrance into the park, so be sure to bring along a bit of spare change to cover the cost. Also, be on the lookout for seals as they abound in this particular area of Maine. 
  3. West Branch Penobscott River. The Penobscott River along the West Branch is another one of the best places to kayak in Maine. Not only does this river feature breathtaking views, it’s also got a remote destination along with a peaceful environment. Be sure to bring along a camera as moose can be found in this area of Maine.
  4. St. John River. If you’re an experienced kayaker you might just enjoy kayaking the St. John River. Along with featuring flat-water currents, the St. John River also boasts class IV rapids, numerous waves and high rocks. Always wear your life vest when kayaking this river and if possible try and kayak the St. John River alongside other professional, experienced kayak enthusiasts.
  5. Whitehead Island. The beautiful Whitehead Island is another one of the best places to kayak in Maine. If you plan on kayaking during the morning expect choppy waters and heavy fog. If you need a break while kayaking be sure to stop at one of the smaller uninhabited islands surrounding Whitehead Island. Don’t stop at any of the inhabited islands as people in Maine like their privacy.
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