5 Best Places To Kayak: Maryland

If you’re a kayak enthusiast that plans on traveling to Maryland anytime soon then your definitely going to need to know about the 5 best places to kayak in Maryland. From Chesapeake and Ohio Canal to Thorne Gut Marsh, there are many unique places to kayak while in the wonderful little state of Maryland.

  1. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Stock full of lush vegetation, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is one of the best places to kayak in Maryland. According to the National Park Service, a paltry $3 fee is required upon entrance, so be sure to bring along enough spare change to cover the expense. Not only does this canal feature lush vegetation, it also boasts a bountiful amount of inquisitive turtles to be viewed, old bridges to paddle under and moderate currents to glide through. Part of the canal is covered with thick water lilies, so you’re definitely going to need a bit of arm strength to plow through those particular areas.
  2. Gunpowder River. The pristine clear waters offered at Gunpowder River is another one of the best places to kayak in Maryland. Boasting a few strong currents yet mostly featuring tranquil waters, Gunpowder River is the perfect place to kayak with friends and family members. While the currents aren’t too strong, always wear a life vest as accidents could happen at anytime.
  3. Pocomoke River and Tributaries. Featuring a swamp like environment at times, Pocomoke River and its many Tributaries are still one of the best places to kayak in Maryland. Be aware that there are many disgusting little critters (ticks) that thrive in this particular area, so try and wear long sleeved shirts and pants to better protect yourself if possible.
  4. Skipton Creek. Also known as Mill Creek, Skipton Creek is another one of the best places to kayak in Maryland. If you want to experience nature at its best then be sure to kayak this particular creek. Along with featuring beautiful oak, hickory, breech, dogwood and poplar trees, Skipton Creek also supports a wide array of wildlife, including osprey, beaver, blackbirds, herons, turtles and frogs.
  5. Thorne Gut Marsh. If you’re an adventurer and explorer at heart you’ll not want to miss a kayak excursion through the magical Thorne Gut Marsh. Only accessible by kayak, powerboats are not allowed, Thorne Gut Marsh is truly one of the best places to kayak in Maryland due to its fresh, green environment, remote location and plenty of diverse areas to explore. Be sure to bring along a cap as the sun can be brutally hot around mid-day.




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