5 Best Places To Kayak: Maui

Acknowledging the 5 best places to kayak in Maui beforehand is essential if you plan on visiting this tropical paradise at a later date. From the remote Hanako'o Beach Park to the beautiful Kapalua Bay, there are many fun places to kayak while in Maui.

  1. Hanako'o Beach Park. Well known to the locals as the “Canoe Beach,” Hanako’o Beach Park is one of the best places to kayak in Maui due to its remote location, few tourists and lush environment. Keep in mind that there are no shops or restaurants in this area, so be sure to pack a light lunch before heading out.
  2. Honolua Bay. The Honolua Bay is another one of the best places to kayak in Maui. The Honolua Bay features crystal clear waters with great views of the numerous fish and coral formations below. There are many great things to see and discover while kayaking around the Honolua Bay. Small caves and archways are found on the left side of the bay. Above water you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise due to its lush vegetation, huge cliffs and sea that goes on and on for miles.
  3. Makena Beach. The strikingly beautiful Makena Beach is the place to be if you enjoy sea kayaking. Known as “Big Beach” to the locals, Makena Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Maui, therefore it gets a lot of tourists. While this particular beach boasts a lush environment, crystal clear waters and an abundant array of fish species to view below water, if you’re not a crowd-loving guy you’ll definitely want to steer clear of this particular place.
  4. Molokini Crater. The Molokini Crater is another one of the best places to kayak in Maui. The Molokini Crater is a hotspot for snorkeling, yet it’s a great place for kayaking as well. If you want an adventurous kayak adventure, be sure to check out the Molokini Crater.
  5. Kapalua Bay. Located in the western part of Maui, Kapalua Bay is another one of the best places to kayak in Maui. If you want to kayak close to civilization but still want to experience adventure along with breathtakingly beautiful views, then kayaking in Kapalua Bay is the way to go.


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