5 Best Places To Kayak: Ohio

Looking for the 5 best places to kayak in Ohio? It may surprise you to know that Ohio offers some of the best areas for kayaking simply because several rivers run into many areas throughout the state and create many perfect kayaking spots. 

  1. Clendening Lake Marina. This is one of the best places to kayak in Ohio because it offers the largest undeveloped lake in Ohio. It offers 1,800 acreas of water surface and is less crowded simply because it is a less known region. The kayaking options are abundant and perfect for beginners and intermediate kayakers. Clendening Lake Mariana: 79100 Bose Rd, Freeport OH  43973.
  2. Cincinnati Kayak. This is one of the best places to kayak in Ohio because it consists of white water kayaking with swift waters for a truly thrilling ride. Cincinnati Recreation Commission: 805 Central Avenue, Suite 800, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
  3. Hocking River. This is probably the best known and one of the best places to kayak in Ohio because the area is scenic. The region is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced kayakers due to the massiveness of the river. The river is in the Hocking Hills Region in the southeastern region of the state near Logan.
  4. Big Darby River. Located in West Jefferson and one of the best places to Kayak in Ohio for two reasons, no fees and it is the only National Scenic River in the state. You'll see wildlife on your journey and the river has many fast areas particularly in the spring. This is considered a beginners kayaking territory but even intermediate kayakers will enjoy the beautiful area. Big Derby River: West Jefferson, Ohio.
  5. Grand River. Located in Harpersfield, it is one of the best places to kayak in Ohio because the area consists of 98 miles of a winding river valley. This of course makes for the best type of kayaking. The entire trip is about eight miles in length and more of an intermediate kayaking routes. Grand River: Harpersfield, Ohio.


The Ohio River Way



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