5 Best Places For Sex

The 5 best places for sex are, simply put, designed to get you in the mood and ready to thrust your pelvis and hips with wild abandon, almost like there is no tomorrow. These best places for sex are conducive to getting you laid in a short time, as they are meant to promote nothing but the sexual act in its purest form.

  1. Brothel. The brothel is the best place for sex because it is made exclusively to entertain men of all ages, shapes and sizes for the single-minded purpose of getting off. In places where brothels are legal, such as Nevada, you can expect to be surrounded with nothing but the most loose women of very easy virtue, women who will let themselves be banged by you in any shape, manner and form known to man … for a price, of course.
  2. College. The second-best place for sex is a college, especially the party schools. While college generally has the reputation of a place where young men and women go to "study," people who have attended college know that the opposite is true. In fact, colleges are great places to engage in casual sex all day long, no matter if you're a freshman, sophomore, junior or a senior.
  3. Massage Parlor. While massage parlors may be somewhat synonymous with mere brothels, true classy gentlemen know that there are distinct and important differences between massage parlors and mere brothels! The difference is like comparing a fine wine to a cheap glass of beer! Massage parlors get the three spot on this list of the best places for sex because you get a massage, which is soothing and relaxing, followed by full-blown sex! How rad is that?
  4. Adult Resorts. Some vacation resorts are advertised as adults-only, meaning the chance of sexual encounters is hugely off the charts, a reason why adult resorts place fourth on this list of the best places to have sex. These resorts are places where nudity is allowed, where naked sex games take place on the grounds, and where sex on the grounds is definitely encouraged, chief!
  5. Motel. While the reputation of motels may not be "all that" as the kids today love to say, motels have nonetheless been at the forefront of hardcore, no-holds-barred sex action for many decades and generations. Motels are ideal for sex because they provide cheap accommodations, a place to wash up after you've ejaculated all over the place, and the anonymity and privacy that is the key to all the best forms of sexual encounters.
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