5 Best Places To Travel In February

If your planning a February getaway, you will definitely want to consider one of these 5 best places to travel in February. Although generally not considered one of the prime travel months, February can offer low season travel discounts to some prime destinations. Not to mention, February is also the perfect time to visit a world class winter wonderland or a south of the border hot spot. Whatever your travel fancy February makes a great month to take a trip of a lifetime.

  1. "Buenos Aires, Argentina" February is the peak of the Argentine summer, so while it may be cold where you're from, temperatures can reach close to 100 degrees in the Argentine capital. Buenos Aires is also a great travel bargain thanks to the devaluation of the Peso in 2001. And let's not forget some of the best wine and cuts of beef to ever pass through your lips. 

  2. "Aspen, Colorado" The winter playground for the rich and famous, Aspen features unbelievable scenery and awesome skiing. You won't be disappointed if you pick this hot spot. Remember to pack your best digs, Aspen is all about seeing and being seen. 

  3. "Miami Beach, Florida" With temperatures that average in the mid 80's, February is the best time of year to visit Florida's Riviera. Golf lovers will find dozens of signature golf courses in the area to complement miles of pristine, white sand beaches. 

  4. "Prague, Czech Republic" February is off season in the Czech capital which means fewer tourists and cheaper prices. Prague is one of the most magical cities in the world and there is nothing like seeing snow reflecting off the city's 500 year old castles. 

  5. "Bali, Indonesia" This island paradise is a place like none other. Warm people, ancient cultures and three religions coexisting in a tropical paradise. Taking a February vacation to Bali, will be the trip of a lifetime. 

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