5 Best Places To Watch Movies Online

It's no secret that the internet is one of the best places to watch movie, but this article will cover the five best places to watch movies online. No late fees, no ticket prices, no sold out shows. Yep, being able to watch movies online just might be one of the greatest developments of the 21st century. However, finding the right places to view the movies you want can be insanely frustrating. Knowing the five best places to watch movies online will help you immensely.

  1. Solar Movie. Solar Movie features some of the latest and greatest films as soon as they come out. Plus, they have a unique system of rating and ranking possible download sources for each movie so you won't have to waste time sifting through dozens of dead links. 
  2. Hulu. Hulu definitely doesn't offer the latest blockbusters like many other online sites. The benefit of the site, however, is that all the streaming videos are legal so you won't have to deal with links that don't work or getting redirected to a million other sites. If you're in the mood to watch an oldie but a goodie, this is your best bet. 
  3. Tube Zoom. Another excellent site that features flicks as soon as they hit theatres, Tube Zoom is a great option to check out. Sure, you'll have to weed through tons of pop-up ads and questionable links, but isn't that easier than weeding through annoying kids and high school couples at the theatre?
  4. Let Me Watch This. Let Me Watch This is one of the most consistent free online movie sites out there. Plus, you'll find a way bigger selection than just five or six of the latest blockbusters. Any site that features "Invasion USA" starring Chuck Norris is a definite winner!
  5. Fancast. If you're in the mood for something out of the ordinary, check out Fancast presented by Comcast. The site features tons of new independent films that may have not hit big theatres, but are certainly worth checking out. This is the kind of place where you find movies to tell your friends about.
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