5 Best Plasma TVs for Sports

Curious about the 5 best plasma TVs for sports? These are the best plasma television sets for watching sports. When we watch sports, we do not want to miss a thing, and these plasma TVs help us get closer to that goal. When watching sports on these TVs, the colors will be brighter, the picture will be sharper and you, the customer, will be more satisfied with your TV than you have ever been before.

  1. Samsung PN58B860. The price of this television set is costly, as it sits at $3,200, but the quality is undeniable. With this expensive television set, you will see every inch your favorite running back gains. It is one of the best plasma TVs on the market today.
  2. Panasonic Vierra S1 Series. This plasma television is a bit cheaper than the one above, as it will cost you $1,300, but the quality is not far off. This plasma television is great for watching sports due to its black levels.
  3. Pioneer Pro 111FD. The second most expensive television on this list is the Pioneer Pro, which sits at a whopping $5,500. Sure, this television is the most expensive, but on this home theater you will get the best sound and picture quality money can buy.
  4. Panasonic TC P50V10. This plasma TV is on the market for over $2,000, but this 50-inch television is a thing of beauty, and no doubt one of the greatest TVs for sports. This television has an exceptionally good anti-glare performance that puts it above all others.
  5. Pioneer Pro 151FD. We are saving the best plasma TV for sports for last on this list. This 60-inch plasma TV costs a knee buckling $8,000, but is it worth it? Well, for watching sports, we think so. With this ultimate home entertainment television you will be able to see the sweat dripping off of your favorite players' chins. This television set will show you what you can otherwise only see in person.

These 5 plasma TVs are by far the best for sports. They all have the ability to make colors pop more than your average TV and will leave you staring at your TV for hours watching your favorite team.

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