5 Best Plastic Rimless Eyeglass Frames

Plastic rimless eyeglass frames are the new trend and best thing to come to eyewear because of their lightweight, flexible, hardly there frames and here, we have outlined the top 5 best plastic rimless eyeglass frames. Based on popularity, price and availability, this guide to the 5 best plastic rimless eyeglass frames guide will help you decide on a new pair of frames.

  1. Flexure FX26. These plastic rimless eyeglasses have titanium frames that have memory—for those of you who have a tendency to sit on your glasses, the Flexure FX26 won't break. They are bendable and always retain their original shape. The frame comes in three colors: black, gunmetal and coffee. The adjustable nose pads are great for noses of all sizes and shapes.
  2. 1/4 ounce Weightless Titanium Rimless Glasses. These rimless eyeglass frames are literally like the weight of a few feathers. In addition, they are also hingeless and bendable. They come in 21 different colors and 28 different shapes.
  3. Columbus Black. Lightweight, barely there frames and the rectangular shaped lenses make these frames stand out. The rimless eyeglass frames have gotten several 5 star reviews stating how comfortable and fashionable they are. The adjustable nose pads help personalize the fit.
  4. Silhouette Rimless 6709 Mystero. These plastic rimless eyeglass frames are suitable for any face shape. The rectangular lenses come with adjustable nose pads for the perfect fit and you can choose from 4 different color. They can also be ordered with progressive lenses.
  5. Arley GS.011 Rimless. The rimless eyeglass frame is featherweight and fancy free. You won't feel like you have anything on at all. The frames are flexible and bendable. You will look highly intelligent in these hardly there frames.
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