5 Best Polar Sport Watches

If you are serious about playing sports than you will want to have one of these 5 best polar sport watches. These watches also have features that are very useful to athletes. Besides being very functional, these watches will look great on any man's wrist.  Read on to find out which one of the best best Polar sport watches is for you.

  1. Polar AW200 Activity Technology Watch. If you are always outdoors, you will want to have this Polar sport watch, because it has a combination barometer and thermometer that helps predict weather conditions. This watch also counts your steps and calories burned. It also has a built in altimeter to track how much elevation you have gained during a hike.
  2. Polar Back Training Computer GPS Mens Watch FT60MG1. This is a great Polar sport watch to have if you're a swimmer, because it is water resistant up to thirty meters. The GPS sensor on this watch will let you know the distance that you have traveled.  It also has a target zone indicator and target zone alarms.
  3. RS 300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch. The heart rate monitor on this Polar sport watch helps you determine when you're training at the right intensity. To help keep track of your training, the watch keeps track of your last sixteen training sessions and your last sixteen weeks of training. Runners like the auto lap splits feature on this watch, because it displays their average heart rate, pace, and distance per lap.
  4. Polar FT60 Mens Heart Rate Monitor Watch. To help keep an athlete motivated, this Polar sport watch has a personalized training program that gives feedback and weekly training targets. The case on  watch is black and the face of it is red. The OwnCal mode on the watch displays energy expenditure for both single and collective workouts.
  5. Polar FS1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch. This Polar sport watch has a digital display with extra large digits. It also has stop watch function on it. When you reach your targeted heart rate zone, the visual and audible alarm on this watch will let you know. This watch is also safe to wear in the water since it is water resistant up to fifty meters.
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