5 Best Pole Climbing Spikes

The 5 best pole climbing spikes provide versatility for both the professional and adventurer. Professionals, such as tree surgeons and utility workers, use pole climbing spikes. Adventurers, such as rock climbers, mountain climber and ice climbers use pole climbing spikes for added grip. Pole climbing spikes can also be fitted for self-defense in the world of martial arts. As you can see, pole climbing spikes cover a wide range of uses and these five best pole climbing spikes cover all the bases. The five best pole climbing spikes are:

  1. WesSpur's Ultra-Light Spur Climbing comes with two saddles and an ultra light construction with a break-proof and near dull proof spur. This set provides light duty calf restraints with under boot security, with the spur harnessed in an ultra light but durable synthetic holster. A great utility pole climber with lineman utilization as well as adapted to ice climbing.
  2. Buckingham Steel Spurs with Steel Cushion Wraps offer comfort nestled among one of the top spurs in the business. Specifically design for tree and rock climbing the extra pointed spurs is sure to dig into the roughest exterior. Extremely durable with leather strap holster for added support, the under soot strap provides additional piece of mind.
  3. Klein Steel Spurs with Steel Cushion Wraps provide carbon steel spurs with a short push that is idea for pole and tree climbers. This set is also idea for martial arts as the spikes are easily shortened against the bottom of the boot. This set has extra padding on the strap and the steel guard is extra durable to provide added push and support.
  4. Bucktite Titanium Spurs with Cast Aluminum Pads are ultra light and durable rated for extreme weather conditions. Padded titanium and steel construction makes these the most fit spurs in the businesses. Surprisingly easy to secure and remove with added security points to ensure the fit. This is a great utility spur for lineman and utility workers as well as ice climbers.
  5. Bashlin Aluminum Spurs with Steel Cushion Pads are sturdy backed durable lightweight reinforced spurs for tree and pole climbing. These spikes were specifically designed with the durability needed by a lineman or tree surgeon to tackle the hardest job and yet provided unquestionable staying power. Providing the utmost in confidence once the spike has been driven, this set will last as long as you during a hard day at work.
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