5 Best Portable Ping Pong Tables

There will be no end to the fun with these 5 best portable ping pong tables. You can keep them set up right at home or pack them up and bring them with you on a trip no matter where you go. Portable ping pong tables are usually smaller than regulation tables, but they are just as fun.

  1. Oasis Portable Suitcase Ping Pong Table This portable ping pong table has a durable aluminum frame and it's lightweight and easy to move. At only 18 pounds it can easily be carried wherever you need to go. When folded, it is compact and does not take up a lot of room.
  2. Earth Mini Ping Pong Table This suitcase-designed portable ping pong table has handles for easy carrying. It is made with polished aluminum tubing and is easy to set up and take down. For under $100 dollars, this is a great table that can easily fit in most cars to take on trips.
  3. Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table The Joola Midsize Table is regulation height, but is only two-thirds of the regulation size. It folds up for easy storage and easy transport. This well-made ping pong table is solid enough to withstand the toughest ping pong action.
  4. Stiga 54 Inch Ping Pong Table A smaller table, the Stiga is great for ping pong fun without the space needed for a larger table. It has a very stable surface, yet it folds easily for storage and packing in the car. The table comes with two paddles and two ping pong balls.
  5. Viper Portable Ping Pong Table Top If you like the game of ping pong but don't have the space for a table, this is the answer. This portable table tennis top can easily be assembled to play on any flat surface. It folds up to fit in the bag and comes with paddles, a net, posts and ping pong balls.
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