5 Best Positions For Deep Penetration

The 5 best positions for deep penetration are probably something you are already doing, just not to the fullest extent needed to reach full penetration. Key to full penetration is in the way your partners body is positioned. If you have her in the right spot, you will know it just by her reaction.  Before trying any of these deep penetration positions, you do need to make sure that your partner is willing. There are many women who do not like how deep penetration feels. Communicate, then try these positions.

  1. Laying her on her tummy with just her butt up in the air, is the best position for the deepest penetration. Not only is it good for deep penetration, it is also one of the best positions where finding her G-spot is not a problem. You want to go easy while doing this position, since you are completely inside of her, thrusting too hard can cause your partner pain.
  2. Get out your cowboy hat and boots, and let her jump on and ride. This position gives deep penetration and allows you to just lay down and enjoy the show. Since she is the one controlling the situation, no need to worry about hurting her. If it hurts, she will wiggle around to make it stop hurting.
  3. Legs up and spread wide. While laying on her back, get in front of her, preferably standing next to the bed. Pull her to the very end of the bed and place her legs flat on your chest. Her feet should be in the air right above your shoulders. Once there, penetrate and thrust in until she has completely engulfed your penis. The harder you thrust, the better it will feel for both you and your partner.
  4. The side winder is just as it sounds, enter from the side. Have your partner lay on her side with her leg up, and over your shoulder. Come in slowly and thrust away for maximum pleasure and penetration. Again with this one be careful how hard you thrust, some women do experience slight pain when coming in from the side. If there is no pain, then by all means thrust as hard as you want.
  5. Exercising for pleasure. This penetrating position works great if your partner can grab her ankles or close enough to them. While standing with her back towards you, have her reach down as far as she can go and grab her ankles. Be sure that her legs are spread just enough to where her vagina is popping out from the back. Begin penetration, holding her hips as you thrust. Thrust harder to get maximum penetration and pleasure.

With any of these deep penetration positions, be sure that your partner feels pleasure and not pain. Many times men do not realize that there is a point when it just will not go any farther without starting to hurt. Play around with these and see which deep penetrating position is for you.

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