5 Best Power Moves

If you are a fan of breakdancing, you may be familiar with the 5 best power moves around. Power Moves are not only the special weapon of a breakdancer to win a battle, but it is also the nickame of a legendary man in the world of breakdancing who created the first power moves. Danced with strength, speed, and control, these special techniques shaped breakdancing as we see it today.  Breakdancing has come a long way since the '80s. Different moves and styles have evolved, but these power moves are still the best.

  1. Headmill As a breakdancer, headmill is the number one power moves of all time. This move originally came from windmills and Power Moves perfected it. Headmill is achieved when a breakdancer do some windmills using mostly forehead instead of hands and shoulders. Strength, speed, and control are the main ingredients to perfection.
  2. Flare Borrowed from gymnastics, Power Moves brought this out from the gym to the dance floor. Some doubted, but he knew it was going to be a hit, and people loved it. Flare is done when a bboy, from a sitting position, swings both legs up high in a circular motion while the hands are planted on the floor supporting the body. Once again the three elements are incorporated: strength, speed, and control.
  3. Float Float is driven from a breakdance move called Turtle. It is a perfected version of the Turtle. Float creates an illusion like the body is floating while spinning. It is done by doing the Turtle, but instead of wobbling, the bboy pumps his body upwards with one hand while he spins on the other. It's actually a pretty easy move, but very intimidating when you see it because of the pumping action of the hand against the floor.    
  4. Suicide This is the move that left Power Moves with a back injury. It is a dangerous move, but when it is executed correctly, it leaves the crowd in awe. Power Moves created Suicide from Judo. It is done by doing a front flip and landing on the back side and feet all at the same time. To be safe, the impact is  suppose to be distributed across the body and be absorbed. It takes control to execute this move, Power Moves eventually did it correctly almost a year after his back injury.
  5. 1990s Last but not least is the 1990s. A spinning, one-handed handstand that requires a tremendous amount of strength and control. This is an all time favorite of every breakdancer because of its acrobatic illusion.

There are so many great moves that can be use in a bboy battle now, but the five best power moves will always take the floor and bring us back to old skool.  

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