5 Best Practice Ideas For Ice Hockey

The 5 best practice ideas for ice hockey work on the five fundamentals of the game: shooting, passing, skating, scoring and checking. Goaltenders can also benefit from these drills as they develop puck handling and skating skills. Be sure you incorporate the five best practice ideas for ice hockey into your practice routine.

  1. Shooting. In order to practice shooting in a way that is worthy of the best practice ideas for ice hockey, you need to be moving. The ideal situation for a shot in a game situation is to be able to stop, line the shot up and then fire away. But, since that rarely happens, it helps to become adept at shooting the puck while moving. Set up a stack of pucks in each face off circle. Pick up one puck on one side, skate in front of the net and fire the shot while moving. Do five slap shots, five wrist shots and five backhand shots as part of your drill. You can also stand at the blue line and practice taking shots while standing still. This will help increase your accuracy on shots where you do have time to line it up before you fire away.
  2. Passing. Nothing is as critical in the game of ice hockey as knowing how to place a good pass on a teammate's stick. In this entry on the list of the best practice ideas for ice hockey, you will need six shoe boxes. Place three boxes on each side of the rink;one at each blue line and then one at the red line. Practice hitting the boxes from different spots on the ice while moving, and while standing still. The point of this drill is to be able to hit the six boxes with only six pucks. That means that your passes are right on target.
  3. Skating. The action in a hockey game is fast and furious. If you do not have adequate skating skills, then you could get hurt. There are three skating drills you can use to help your balance and speed. Stand at one end of the ice and then sprint for the blue line. It helps if you have someone with a stopwatch time you to mark your progress. When you sprint back towards the end of the rink, make sure you stop at the goal line to prevent slamming into the boards. The second drill is backwards skating. Start at one of the face off circles in one end of the ice and skate backwards through the center ice area on your way to the face off circle on the opposite side on the other end of the rink. Then backwards skate across the end of the rink to the opposite face off circle and start towards the other end. This will help you to get a feel for direction and turning when you are skating backwards. The final skating drill is to hold your stick out with both hands waist high. As you skate, kick up to your stick with each alternating step. This will help you develop balance in any situation.
  4. Scoring. One of the best practice ideas for ice hockey develops scoring using the old Jedi training method. To become a proficient scorer, you must have a good feel for the puck and the net. Take a look at the net, put a puck on your stick and then cover your eyes with a blindfold. Try moving to different positions and see how many pucks out of ten you can put in the net.
  5. Checking. Checking is part of the best practice ideas for ice hockey because an improperly delivered check can cause injury to you and your opponent. Start at one of the face off circles and check yourself into the closest boards at a moderate speed. Keep your feet on the ground, your back straight and your eyes on the glass. Practice this technique repeatedly and you will deliver clean body checks.
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