5 Best Prehistoric Adventure Movies

The 5 best prehistoric adventure movies are all those feature films which rekindle your love for cavemen, dinosaurs, and prehistoric humans running around in loincloths. These movies are true popcorn movies, which means they require you to leave your brain…elsewhere for their duration. However, if you like great action, then you'll get more than your fill with these movies.

  1. "The Lost World." The best prehistoric adventure movie hails from the year 1997 and is called "The Lost World." Back in the 90s, dinosaur movies were all the rage, mainly because of the stunning and runaway success of 1993's "Jurassic Park." This film is the sequel to "Jurassic Park," and it was also based on a novel from the late Michael Crichton. In this film, the dinosaurs actually invade the mainland and suburbia!
  2. "Jurassic Park." The second-best prehistoric adventure movie is the one that started it all: "Jurassic Park." Based on Michael Crichton's novel, it is a movie that dared to ask the question, What the hell would happen if dinosaurs were brought back courtesy of DNA from fossil samples?! The answer: A whole hell of a lot of no damn good…that's what!! The standout highlight of this film has got to be the computerized Velociraptors who are the real stars of this movie with their scarier-than-life intelligence and deadliness.
  3. "Journey to the Center of the Earth." While this movie may have passed underneath the radar of many moviegoers, it still deserves a mention on this list of the best prehistoric adventure movies. Starring Brendan Fraser, this movie is based on the famous Jules Verne novel of a long time ago, and Fraser and the rest of the cast succeed at making it watchable and entertaining. Maybe the marketing push for this version of the film was insufficient to account for its mediocre box office status, but the film is worth seeing.
  4. "Ice Age." "Ice Age" is a CGI-animated film, making it the perfect entry on this list of the best prehistoric adventure movies, just to break up the pace of live-action features a bit. If you are a fan of the very acquired-taste genre of prehistoric movies that use CGI effects, then you are in heaven with "Ice Age." The plot centers around prehistoric animals trying to escape the imminent Ice Age.
  5. "Encino Man." "Encino Man" is the fifth-best prehistoric adventure movie because it fuses comedy with the prehistoric gimmick to come up with a watchable movie. And it also stars Brendan Fraser–again!!–who is something like the typecast "I-star-in-prehistoric-movies-dude" actor, or something! If that isn't enough to get you to watch this ultra-refined film of extremely superb quality and direction, then these two words will persuade you to watch, for sure: Pauly Shore. That's right! This movie stars Pauly Shore, too, so if you won't watch it because of that, then there must be something the matter with you.
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