5 Best Prescription Goggles For Swimming

If you have crappy vision, you might want one of the 5 best prescription goggles for swimming to accompany you in the water next time you go for a dip. Prescription goggles help you see underwater while swimming but also guide your way out of the pool as long as you keep them on.

  1. Aquagoggles V2: The Aquagoggles are prescription goggles for swimming that come in electric blue with blue lenses or slinky black with slightly bluish tinted lenses. They look hip enough that you won’t feel like a fool walking around the water park with your goggles on, even when you’re not in the water.
  2. View V-3: View V-3 goggles for swimming are designed as normal swimming goggles but can be ordered with a prescription. This model comes in a variety of colors, including lavender, black, off-white and black with red lenses. Most lenses are slightly bluish or purplish tinted.
  3. Ultra Comfort: Ultra Comfort prescription goggles for swimming feature an anti-fog film, different nose pieces for different shaped and size noses (in other words, if yours is huge, you still might have a chance of fitting in these) and are presumably easy to switch out between pieces. This brand works for those with near-sighted and far-sighted eyes.
  4. Sable Water Optics: These prescription goggles also began as ordinary goggles but have prescription capabilities if ordered that way. With a slightly more sophisticated look than other goggles, the Sable brand features slightly ovular lenses, silver or blue rime and black or gray straps. The tinted lenses offer just enough sun protection without making your pathway dark as all get out.
  5. Coastal Contacts Prescription Goggles: They might not have the Speedo emblem emblazoned on their sides, but these prescription goggles work just as well as any other. They contain UVA and UVB lenses, are ideal for chemical-laden pools as well as oceans and come in black frames.
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