5 Best Priced Tennis Clothes Brands

In this economy, value matters, so our 5 Best Priced Tennis Clothes Brands list will show you how to get the most out of the brands you buy for tennis. Tennis clothes ought to convey all the dynamism, grace, and, yes, beauty that the sport of tennis entails.

  1. Fila. Founded in Italy in 1911 but now based in South Korea, Fila is a long-storied, sportswear, manufacturing company. For the prices they charge and for what value you get, Fila was a no-brainer to include in our 5 Best Priced Tennis Clothes Brands list. They've got everything for your tennis needs–crewneck shirts, tennis shirts, shorts, athletic outerwear–that won't break your wallet.
  2. Reebok. Another big name in sports apparel, Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas and has headquarters in Massachusetts as well as England. Though somewhat costlier than competitor brands, Reebok promises and delivers on quality—so you have to make the judgment call about paying for what you get. They carry most of your tennis needs including socks, shoes, shirts, and shorts.
  3. Wilson. The granddaddy of tennis clothing brands, and tennis brands in general, has to be Wilson, the Chicago-based sports equipment manufacturer that is a foreign subsidiary of the Finnish Amer Sports company. Wilson is practically your one-stop shopping need when it comes to tennis clothes, and they also make everything conceivable related to tennis: racquet bags, shoes, strings and of course their rackets.
  4. Prince. If you've ever been around tennis, you've likely heard of Prince. Yet another well-known tennis clothes manufacturer, Prince was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in New Jersey. Making everything from tennis clothing like shorts, shoes and shirts, Prince also makes racquets and tennis bags.
  5. K-Swiss. In all likelihood known more for making tennis shoes than anything else, K-Swiss also branches out into other tennis clothing such as shorts. Founded by two…wait for it…Swiss brothers (how predictable!) in 1966 who were both Tennis enthusiasts and now headquartered in California, their prices are generally competitive.
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