5 Best Prince Of Persia Walkthrough Cheats On PS3

The five best Prince of Persia walkthrough cheats on the PS3 will help any gamer succeed in this hot action game. These Prince of Persia walkthrough cheats are the best way for PS3 players to rack up the achievements each time. Nothing beats a little bit of help when going up against the evil forces to rescue the princess in PS3's Prince of Persia. The best cheats will make PS3 owners smile with glee during the toughest moments of Prince of Persia. Here are the five best Prince of Persia walkthrough cheats on the PS3:

  1. Unlock Classic Skins. Go to the Extras Menu and input the code 525858542. This code will unlock the classic skins for both the Prince and Princess skins from the original game.
  2. Unlock Jade Shauni Skin. This little cheat is helps to make your character go green right away. Simply finish the game once and the new character skin will be available.
  3. Highest/Lowest Points Achievement. To find the highest point in the game, defeat the Alchemist in the Observatory. The lowest is at the tree shrine's roots where a small room can be found. 
  4. Combat Strategy. First, there are four types of attacks one can use, sword attacks, Elika's team attacks, evasion maneuvers and grappling maneuvers. Second is keep in mind the defensive states of various enemies, including a "cloud" that appears above them to know, which attack to use against them.
  5. Power Plates and Light Seeds. In the temple, there are four distinct power plates the player can activate which opens a tutorial to learn how to use the new ability. The four are the Step of Ormazd (special wall jump), Hand of Ormazd (special grappling swing), Wings of Ormazd (special rail-guided flight) and Breath of Ormazd (special wall run). Light seeds help unlock these plates which are either out in the open or hidden so be sure to explore each stage to find as many seeds as possible to unlock the power plates.   
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