5 Best Prison Documentaries

The 5 best prison documentaries includes documentaries which give the viewer an in-depth look at the prison culture while also giving a story as to the harsh life that some have to endure. These stories are gripping and will touch anybody who watches them just by their sheer and honest truth.

  1. "From Prison To Home" – This is a story of life after prison for a few convicts and shows the harsh reality of the culture shock in which they receive. This prison documentary points out their struggles and leads to the ultimate question of "will they make it in the free world or revert back to prison?"
  2. "Prison Lullabies" – Pregnant women are sentenced to prison on a regular basis which is a very scary thought. In this prison documentary which is sure to pull at the viewer's heart strings, a normal prison pregnancy is depicted with the women having their baby in the jail and trying to raise their child behind bars.
  3. "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison" – While not a full-fledged prison documentary, Johnny Cash's appearance at one of the grittiest prison's in the country is known for it's inspiration. During the time it happened, there was so much violence and anger that nobody thought he would make it out alive. The end product is gripping and guaranteed for an interesting view.
  4. "Holloway" – A prison documentary from overseas, Holloway is the accounts of the biggest women's prison in Europe. In this documentary, viewers will gain an in-depth look at what life is like for women behind bars ranging from first-time offenders to murderers who will make their life inside the halls of this prison.
  5. "In Prison My Whole Life" – From Mumia to Byron Case, some of the most amazing free thinkers are in prison for crimes they didn't commit. This prison documentary notes the struggles of a radical journalist who was imprisoned more for his thoughts than anything else. Want to see corruption of government and officials at its finest? Then this is the film to watch.

There are so many videos about prison which can give anyone a true culture shock. These Prison Documentaries are a few of a long list of amazing stories which will change a person's landscape on life forever. Be warned however, that many of these videos are graphic and somewhat disturbing and should only be viewed by people than can handle such a nature.

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