5 Best Professional Swimming Goggles

These 5 best professional swimming goggles are engineered for speed and hydrodynamics. Professional swimming goggles sit on the bones around the eye socket and must be carefully fitted for comfort and function.

  1. Speedo Vanquisher Plus Goggles These professional swimming goggles are an updated version of the popular low profile Vanquisher model. These swimming goggles offer more peripheral visibility, a silicone head strap with an adjustable clips, three interchangeable nose pieces and anti-fog and UV protection.
  2. The View Sniper Metallic Swim Goggles These swimming goggles for racing offers a cushioned face pad that gives an outstanding hydrodynamic fit. A mirror-coated lens, super anti-fog treatment and polycarbonate construction make it a quality choice.
  3. Sable Water Optics Competitive Goggles These swimming goggles are made for racing. The fluted frame and the improved vision of flat lens technology do make these goggles more expensive, but it's probably worth it for those who compete. A non-slip adjustable head strap and three sizes of nose bridges makes for a no-fuss fit.
  4. Barracuda HydroBat Racing Goggles This revolutionary design features a batwing that smoothes out the eye socket area to reduce drag. The racing swimming goggles include lower fluted holes that drain water, a hydrostatic fit and an eight-way adjustable nose bridge system.
  5. Nike Swim Resolute Max Goggles Made for competition, these swimming goggles feature wrap around polycarbonate lenses and side extensions to reduce drag. A raised nose bridge and four nose bridge sizes along with a silicone strap make these swimming goggles more comfortable to wear.
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